How are you going with the stress in your life? Ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed and simply unable to face all the many roles, challenges and demands that make up even one single day? A small amount of stress can be a good thing. Extensive research has shown that a certain amount of stress can improve performance by narrowing our focus of attention and helping us to really bring our best to a situation. However, what happens when we move past that tipping point and into negative stress? We all know the symptoms. From headaches to losing our temper to stomach problems, breathing issues and worse. It’s not a pleasant way to live. Last week, after crossing the planet to give a keynote I found myself a little overwhelmed by all the challenges that I was facing. I have started another Masters degree and was also dealing with complex business issues as well as trying to keep up with family, fitness and all the other things that make up our modern life. I am sure you have often been through something similar. I took some time out and found myself constantly thinking of the words, “Impose Order On Chaos!” Have […]

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