In the second part of Jonathan’s mini-series on habits. He looks at some interesting latest research about how to change the habits that might be undermining your progress. Not sure how to download? Click here. Watch the preview of my new video here. TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there once again! I’m Jonathan Doyle! Welcome to the weekly podcast.  Great to have the pleasure of your time… going to follow up on what we did last week.  And if you haven’t listened to last week, make sure you jump back, have a listen to the first instalment that I did on the power of habits. We are going to talk a little bit more about those now. Why? Because, some of you listening to this, a few minutes ago, I just watched the Olympic one hundred metres final. I mean, you know you can only think she can take a leave, there’s some great stuff, some people are really into it, some less so and some couldn’t care less. But the one hundred metres final is always a pretty big deal. It’s just fascinating to watch four years of someone’s life or more condense into, for example this morning, 9.63 […]

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