I have to be honest. I have not always been the best advertisement for any sense of intuition. I have always been a very cerebral kind of person. It has its benefits. I can think through issues and map out the various complexities of life. It also has its drawbacks such as the well-known phenomenon of ‘paralysis by analysis.’ Intuition is always something I have tended to associate with people who burn incense sticks and tend to wear very comfortable pants! More recently i have begun to sense a change in myself. There is this subtle sense of ‘knowing’ that I am sure many of you have already experienced. It is a very quiet, very still sense of a deeper interior wisdom. Many faith traditions give it different expressions but no matter what your background I am sure we can all agree that there is some type of knowledge that definitely is beyond our normal cognition. So what seems to make it so hard for so many of us to really connect with this inner wisdom. My essential thesis is just that we have lost the capacity in the craziness of modern life to simply quieten down for long enough […]

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