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    From the very beginning of the Catholic Church the gospel message was communicated by speakers taking the good news of Jesus Christ to the world. The hopeful message of Jesus, His truth and its ability to transform the lives of men, women and children was truly world-changing. Since that time the Catholic faith has transformed the lives of countless millions and now, in the 21st century, Catholic speakers continue to share the faith, build the Church and make Jesus Christ known and loved.

    Great Catholic speakers can come from a range of Catholic backgrounds. They might be a recent Catholic convert, a Catholic theologian or a speaker who simply has a deep love for the Catholic faith and the New Evangelization called for by Pope St. John Paul II. Some have studied at a great Catholic university. Some have deep qualifications in theology or Catholic ministry in churches or Catholic parishes working with a different groups of Catholics. Some may have written a Catholic book or have other relevant experience as an apologist or have mission experience in parishes or have taught in Catholic schools. Regardless of their background a great Catholic speaker and their message of hope can have a profound impact upon your next event such as Catholic conferences and Catholic retreats.

    Section 1: Who is Jonathan Doyle?

    Jonathan Doyle is a global Catholic speaker who is deeply passionate about the Catholic faith. He has spoken to more than 500,000 people in live events and has become one of the world’s most sough-after Catholic speakers. His hopeful message has inspired audiences from Australia to the United States and from New Zealand to London helping them to engage more deeply with their Catholic faith and play their own crucial role in transforming culture with the message of Jesus Christ. His career as a Catholic speaker began with young people and young adults at events and retreats and ministry formation days before travelling the world to become one of the most well known speakers at major Catholic conferences and events.

    Jonathan developed his journey as a speaker with significant post-graduate study in Catholic leadership and in Catholic philosophical anthropology. His quest for new ways to make Catholic theology and the life of faith accessible and understandable to more and more Catholics led to new opportunities to become the speaker of choice for more Catholic conferences and events. With a deep focus on the power and truth of Jesus Christ to transform every Catholic vocation he has shared the truths of the Catholic faith with a vast audience of Catholics who want to grow in their knowledge of God, their Catholic identity and their own unique gifting for Catholic mission.

    Jonathan has a range of expertise that make him the perfect speaker for your next event. His depth of experience make him one of the best catholic speakers on a range of topics that will make your next event a genuine success.

    Jonathan’s career began in Catholic education which means he has extensive experience with young adults and has spoken at an extensive number of young adults conferences and events. In recent years he has been the keynote speaker at major global Catholic education and teacher conferences and videos of these events have been viewed thousands of times.

    Jonathan has also been an inspirational speaker at a range of other Catholic events such as fundraising diners, leadership conferences, father and son events, parent conferences and more. He has spoken powerfully at parishes and churches and schools and his mission to support Catholic evangelization has meant that his services have been sought after in a diverse range of events both live and also online.

    Jonathan Doyle Catholic Conference
    Jonathan Doyle Catholic Speaker

    Section 2: Virtual and In-Person Engagements

    During the COVID 19 era Jonathan did a range of Catholic events via Zoom for Catholic clients around the world. He created unique content based upon the specific details that clients needed for their next event. The formats included virtual conferences for parishes, virtual Catholic education conferences and more. Working closely with Catholic event organisers Jonathan created unique real-time virtual experiences with each event also providing online videos available for follow up.

    One of the keys to Jonathan’s impact as a Catholic speaker in each live event is his ability to adapt to the specific details of various conferences and the unique needs of each audience. No two events or audiences are the same. What engages young adults or students can be different from the needs of parishes, church mission events, a Catholic education event or Catholic retreats. Working with your conference leader or planner Jonathan Doyle will be the perfect speaker for your next event. You can be more than confident that the content created will perfectly match your needs and ensure your event exceeds expectations. Jonathan will be the answer to your search to find the best Catholic speakers for your event.

    Section 3: Topics Covered

    Jonathan covers an extensive range of Catholic topics that make him one of the most sought after Catholic speakers in the world. At the core of Jonathan’s message is hope and life in Jesus Christ and that being created in His image and likeness means every Catholic has a unique and precious vocational and baptismal calling.

    Jonathan offers an extensive range of Catholic topics for various groups including Catholic students, young adults, Catholic teachers, Catholic leaders, Catholic parents as well as staff in Catholic parishes or any event where you need speakers with deep Catholic formation and desire to share to share the riches of the Catholic Church in an inspirational and life-changing way.

    Current Topics

    Catholic Teacher Formation Seminars Catholic Student Seminars Catholic Conference Keynotes
    Parish Conferences Catholic Student Wellbeing Seminars Enhancing Catholic Culture and Identity Seminars
    Improving Teacher Wellbeing And Resilience Catholic Leadership Conferences Catholic Student Leadership Events
    Catholic Retreats Catholic Anthropology Seminars Executive Leadership Seminars - Mission and Strategy For Catholic Organizations
    Jonathan Doyle Catholic Speaker
    Jonathan Doyle speaks powerfully on essential Catholic topics

    Section 4: Upcoming Events

    Jonathan is honoured to be speaking around the world again in the coming weeks. Having just returned from another United States speaking tour he is about to head back to the United States to speak in California, Ohio, New Orleans and Louisiana. He is also booked to speak in Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania. Videos of some of his recent events can be seen on his Youtube channel here. His daily Catholic videos also give more insight into his passion and enthusiasm for the gospel message and the power of Christ to transform souls of any age. His mission as a Catholic speaker and apologist to inspire and support Catholics to live their faith is second to none.

    Regardless of your event type the quest for great Catholic speakers does not have to be a hard one. Whether it is Catholic retreats, Catholic conferences. Catholic education gatherings, events for Catholic young adults or something else, Jonathan Doyle will work with you closely to design a unique experience that can inspire confidence, build relationships, enhance mission and support your goals. As one of the most experienced and committed Catholic speakers in the world, Jonathan is the perfect choice for your Catholic event.

    Upcoming Events Calendar Jonathan Doyle


    The Catholic Church has the most life-changing message and Jonathan Doyle is passionate about sharing it. The gospel message of faith needs the perfect speaker to make it real for every audience and Jonathan’s mission is to bring that message alive. Jesus Christ is the answer to the many challenges that we face as individuals and as a human family. He alone makes the difference and sharing that difference is what a great Catholic speaker can offer young adults, teachers, leaders and all Catholics on their journey of faith. Great Catholic conferences, retreats and events need a great Catholic speaker. A succesful Catholic conference begins with selecting the right speakers and Jonathan Doyle is a speaker who can make the difference. It’s time to access a new level of impact for your Catholic event. It’s time to enhance your mission, inspire your Catholic audience and transform your Catholic culture. It’s time to make contact with Jonathan Doyle.

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