Not sure how to download a podcast? Click HERE In this week’s podcast I explore the power of associations in our lives. Often when we have strong feelings they can get linked to particular people, experiences or places. Before we know it we have made an association between the two even though they may not actually be related at all. Part of what it great about creating the life you desire is that you can actually break old associations and create new ones. With a little time and creativity it’s possible to create powerful new associations that benefit your life rather than holding you back. TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there! Jonathan Doyle with you with you once again for the weekly podcast. Thanks once again for the pleasure and the privilege of your time as we work through some key concepts here that are hopefully really going to give you practical steps you can use to move your life along to another level. You only get one life, you might as well live it fully, contribute as much as possible and it seems that many people don’t get to do that. And you don’t have to be one of them. Nobody’s better or worse than anybody […]

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