TRANSCRIPT Well, hey there! Jonathan Doyle with you for the weekly podcast. Welcome aboard! If you’re a new listener, regular listener, good to have the time with you. Hoping I’m going to give you something here that’s really useful that you can see a concept, you can hear a few things that are going to be useful to you. We can really move you to a new place. It’s a simple idea this week but a powerful one. This week, I want to talk a little bit about how the environment can really affect what we bring. So we have these unique gifts and talents. You have these unique gifts and talents. And, I guess you have to ask yourself, “How often do you bring a hundred percent of your best?” So, if you’ve got a skill set or a talent and you’re using it in your work or you study or your relationships, I mean, how often are you really in that peak state? I mean, part about the whole weekly podcast is about and all the different things I do through are about helping you be at that peak potential as often as possible. So, I […]

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