HERE’S THE PODCAST! FIND OUT ABOUT MY FULL PROGRAM HERE TRANSCRIPT Well hi there once again – Jonathan Doyle with the weekly podcast. Okay, so let’s charge in to this week’s Weekly Podcast and what I want to talk about this time is the concept of purpose. It really permeates everything that I’m about in all the online work I do and I think if I could boil down my passion for talking with you and any way that I have been able to interact with you over whatever time period, it’s about helping you, helping myself, helping everybody discover a deep sense of purpose, of why we are here. It is just the most freeing, empowering, powerful thing to discover why we are here, ‘cos once we get that, purpose will inform everything else that we do. And so many of us are not living that kind of life; a life deeply driven by purpose. I mean, you may have heard of that famous book by Rick Warren, you know, The Purpose Driven Life, and, you know, in the How To Live Well community back in Week One we looked at that One Thing book, this concept of […]

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