Not sure how to download a podcast? Click here Follow me on Instagram Twitter @jonathandoyleco TRANSCRIPT Well, hey there! Jonathan Doyle with you for the weekly podcast. Always good to have the pleasure of your company and I will say it every week but it’s pretty cool knowing that you’re listening to this and it’s great to get the feedback and to see this podcast helping people, to hear that it’s making a difference in their life, to really feel it connecting to people. So, it’s a pleasure to have this time and it’s a short one today and I just hope that you’re going to see some change, that you’re going to hear something today that will be really useful for you in the time ahead. So, I want to start just to bring you up to date with the new book, called the new version of my book, “Bridging the Gap” is out and about. You can grab a copy off the website. We sent copies all over the world. Just yesterday, I got another great email from one of the senior coaches in the NFL in the States and it’s just great to see it reaching […]

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