So often in life there can be experiences where we feel our confidence is under major pressure. While some people seem immune to those moments of insecurity and fear most of us, from time to time, feel a lack of confidence. In this podcast I want to explore some basic issues around what makes us feel uncertain or insecure and what you can do to improve your confidence.   TRANSCRIPT Well hi there! Jonathan Doyle with you once again for the weekly podcast which regular listeners would know has not exactly been regular the last few weeks. I had some time with family, been travelling, took the bike up and did some really good training in little warmer part of the country. We’re all leaving, it actually snowed last Friday so it’s been a very cold winter so it’s good to get away. Speaking of snow and things like, we went skiing for the first time ever and my younger brother was getting married so we went out there and all of my personality traits came out in one go. The desire to master something within fifteen seconds was a bit of a problem. Another problem was the […]

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