TRANSCRIPT Well, hey there! Jonathan Doyle with you for the weekly podcast. Excited to do this one with you this week because everything I teach are pretty much… leave the good stuff and the hard stuff. These aren’t theories from books. These are really things I’m living in the moment and as I see them unfold in my life and I try to get stronger and grow, I just feel I have a fair bit of I guess, confidence and integrity in bringing this to you because they’re not just the standard kind of you know, “Believe anything and just imagine your bliss and everything’s going to work out.” These are real principles that I’m seeing work and they’re based on great thinking and they’re not just from me but from so many brilliant people who’ve just thought about these issues. And this week’s a special one because I know they’ll be applicable to your life and I just want to share with you a really short podcast, simple principle. I want to talk to you about your “comfort zones” and a little bit about “self-sabotage”. I know this is going to be a good one so, listen closely, […]

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