The Power of Reference Groups Reference groups are an incredibly powerful predictor of success over the long haul. Reference groups consists of the four or five people (not including family) that you spend the most time with. Reference groups can quickly become the benchmark by which we set our standards. That can be a good thing depending upon who makes up your reference groups. In life it can be hard to look at some of the people we have been spending our time with and make a decision to move on and find different reference groups. In this podcast I take some time to explore the full range of issues related to understanding the power of this important topic in your life and what you can do to make sure that this crucial power is in your hands. I begin the podcast by exploring the basic outline of how the principle operates and then we take some time to look at the two key decisions you are going to need to make. First, how do you identify a new group of people that you want to associate with more often? Second, what do you do about some of the people […]

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