TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there! Jonathan Doyle with you for the weekly podcast. Thanks as always for the pleasure of your time. Short one this week. Really simple idea. I just want to start getting internet content in just a moment. I just want to share with you, I’ve been reading some great books lately. I just kind of encourage you enough to keep feeding yourself great stuff. So, if you are not a book person that is totally fine but make sure that somehow in your life good and interesting ideas are coming into your life through some format. The more I think about it and reflect on it, I am just convinced that our culture is really dumbing down at the moment. The impact of social media, of our internet use, of our entertainment media is really dumbing things down. If you want to live an uncommon life, one of the things that you really need to do is just get some great ideas, like read or think, or listen or watch people who are really thinking intelligently. Lately, I’ve read 2 great books. Recently I’ve read Peter Thiel’s book ‘From Zero To One’ which I thought was excellent. He […]

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