Often in life we fear change or think that we need to change the circumstance or other people. In this podcast we learn that change can be crucial to living the life you were made for. Not sure how to download? Click here. Watch the preview of my new video here. TRANSCRIPT Well hi, I’m Jonathan Doyle! Welcome back to the weekly podcast. If this is your very first time listening to us, welcome aboard! It’s been brilliant just noticing the updates that I get from the team here of people who have joined throughout the week. And it’s just cool.  I mean people from around the world and just from different places come here across the podcast in different ways. It’s very cool. If it’s the first time, welcome aboard. If you’re one of our veteran listeners, welcome to you. There’s been some people who have been with us from the start and hopefully the weekly podcast is going to give both groups, whether you’ve been listening to us from day one or this your first one, the goal each week is to give you a very simple, powerful idea that’s useful in the coming week. So, as you […]

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