Often in life we assume that the big changes are going to happen sometime in the future. This week I want to look at how the power of decision matters right now. This simple idea can have a huge impact. TRANSCRIPT Hey, there! Once again, Jonathan Doyle with you for the weekly podcast. Thanks as always for the privilege of your time. As I’ve said many times: it’s really cool to know that you’re listening in whatever you’re doing right now. I always wonder where people listen. I think a lot of people listen sitting at a desktop computer, so, I figure, you’ve either downloaded it off iTunes or off the site. And we’re just fascinated… maybe flip me an email – let me know where you listened because as you all know, I’m a crazy keen cyclist. I obviously got podcasts on while I’m doing about 50ks an hour on the bike. But, I’ll be fascinated to know where you’re listening. But, wherever you’re listening right now, thank you, seriously for the privilege of your time. I’ve got some good stuff today and as I always say: paraphrasing the inimitable, means, incapable of imitation. Tony Robbins – he’s […]

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