Why do I compare myself? The risks of comparison are a big issue in modern life. In this podcast find out why comparing yourself to others is such a big problem? Not sure how to download a podcast click HERE TRANSCRIPT Well, hi there! Jonathan Doyle with you for the weekly podcast. Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back! Been enjoying this lately. Just seriously, I know I’m saying it each week lately, but, I got to tell you the truth about doing a podcast, right? You start a podcast and you do like week 1 and you put the podcast out there and you get this awesome feedback usually from your mother. Usually, your mother’s going, “Hey! Great podcast!” And that’s pretty much how it goes for a long time and… perseverance is such a crucial human quality and I’d probably going to podcast on it or I should but, I’ve kind of stuck at it for ages. And it’s just been really cool to see this subscriber base grow now into the thousands and just to get more and more feedback from people and it’s really humbling. Like my wife, Karen, meets people and she’s like, “Ah! They […]

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