The Law of More: Pushing Boundaries and Embracing Growth

Jonathan Doyle International Motivational Speaker

Today, let’s delve into the fascinating principle of the law of more. Despite setbacks and challenges, Jonathan shares an inspiring story of resilience and pushing boundaries. Join us as we explore how we can tap into our limitless potential and embrace a life of purpose and growth.

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    Welcome Aboard

    Hello there, my friend, Jonathan Doyle is with you. Welcome to the Daily Podcast. Today you and I are going to talk about the law of more—I couldn’t express this any more simply. But I want to suggest something to you today. Something that I have mentioned before, which is that we are a remarkable species. The things that we can do are quite extraordinary. I am so convinced by this.

    Overcoming Adversity: A Testimony of Resilience

    Jonathan Doyle just one week post-hospitalization after an accident

    I was meant to run an ultramarathon three days ago, at a hundred K race lined up. But since the accident last week, I broke 12 ribs, broke my shoulder, and fractured my collarbone. I got a bunch of metal plates put in there. It was not likely that I was going to be running a hundred kilometers on that particular weekend.

    But while I was in the hospital, I was talking to this young doctor there, and I was really amazed. He’s also doing a hundred K runs in a couple of weeks. We just got talking, and it just amazed me what people can do and what we can all do.

    The Power of Movement: Defying Limitations

    Today’s the one-week anniversary of getting out of the hospital. And if you’re on Instagram, you can find me at @jdoylespeaks. You can see the photos today. I had the sling still on and managed to get off the top of the big mountain behind the house and about five, six K hiking. At the base of the mountain, I was like, Everything in my brain was going. ‘Is this a good idea?’ The doctor said, whatever you do, don’t get sick because if you get a cold or infection, you have 12 broken ribs, you are going to be in a world of suffering like you have never known.

    Pushing Boundaries: A Week of Triumphs

    Against all odds, push past pain and fatigue, prove that resilience knows no bounds
    Against all odds, push past pain and fatigue, prove that resilience knows no bounds

    So there’s a voice in my head going, ‘you really want to do this?’  And I went. ‘Yeah, I do,’ and I did it. You can see a photo of me at the top of Instagram, but it’s really cool. I know what some of you are thinking—you’re thinking this is crazy. You should be resting, you should be this. I dunno, I’m not convinced. Because in the hospital they are always telling you the worst thing is infection. You’ve got to keep moving, keep active, and I said a couple of episodes ago that if you’re on Strava, you can find me on Strava, or I think it’s just Jonathan Doyle, Texas, Australia.

    If you’ll see me doing laps of the hospital ward on Strava, I had the cannula in my arm, and I had that little pole thing with the ivy fluids and the fentanyl stuff, and I’m walking around, doing laps. I think I walked most of the day. I didn’t want to sit around the room. So I just walked laps. I think I did 12 kilometers the day after surgery. Today I did that up the mountain. I’m in the studio now, I’m tired, and I’m sore. I said to somebody; a friend of mine reached out, and I said, You know what? I’m sore and I will lie down, sit down, stand up or walk.

    Unleashing Human Potential: The Law of More

    Our potential is as boundless as the horizon before us; take the leap to unlock it
    Our potential is as boundless as the horizon before us; take the leap to unlock it

    So what’s going to be the best outcome here? I’m probably going to get more benefit from walking. So I walk, and what I’ve really been pushing towards is this idea that there is always more; it’s the law of more; we can always do more than we think. We always have more capacity than we think. I think it is a great tragedy that so many of us go through life just never unleashing a fraction of that potential.

    You are not really very conscious about it. It doesn’t tend to come looking for you. You have to go out and do it. As I’ve said in basically a thousand podcasts by now, you will always, almost never feel like doing the things that you have to do. To get the results that you want to get, you’re going to have to make yourself do stuff. It’s this weird power that we have to get more out of ourselves, to produce more and do more.

    Leading by Example: Inspiring Others Through Action

    Through purposeful action, we inspire others and become beacons of encouragement and example

    Is the goal of life to do more? Not necessarily; it’s not just a case of frantic action. I just think maybe one way to explain it is if you have kids, I have three of them. As a parent, you just get stoked when you see a kid doing stuff. Some of my kids are now running themselves into the ground for no good purpose. I’d be like, ‘What are you doing? Why? What is the purpose here?’ Because you love them. You don’t want them to just wipe themselves out.

    If you see your kid doing more than they thought they could do and pushing the envelope and the limitations, the comfort zone. You see your kid pushing that, and you’d like that as a cool thing.  I think that’s how God looks at us, ‘you know what, Jonathan, you walking up that mountain didn’t change the fabric of space and time, but it was pretty cool. It’s pretty cool.’

    I find that when I do more, and this is one of the things about doing more, it encourages people. People who may follow me on the podcast or Instagram, whatever else. I would like to think that they look at me and go, maybe they think I’m nuts, but they guys find it pretty interesting what he does. Like, he’s 50. He just has a pretty interesting life. He  does a lot of interesting things, and I want to encourage people. And I think that the more that we do as we pursue the law of more. We actually encourage other people around us. We’ve become a real witness and example to other people.

    "People tell me I'm a perfectionist. They tell me I'm too extreme and that I work too hard. I tell them, that is all I know how to do. I was taught to give my best effort in everything I do and demand perfection and raise the standard of excellence to a whole new level."

    Living a Purposeful Life: Seeking Fulfillment Through Exploration

    Embrace exploration and discovery; in seeking, we find our true purpose
    Embrace exploration and discovery; in seeking, we find our true purpose

    I think we’re made for more. I think that part of a successful life is just endlessly pushing, pursuing, and exploring what we’re capable of. And I think the great risk for so many of us is a very predictable sedentary life where every day looks like the one before it; we watch the same shows. We’d eat the same foods. We sit on the couch, and the days just tick by. I don’t think that’s what we’ve been created for. I don’t think that’s why God gave us this remarkable gift of life. He gave us this gift of life for more.

    Silencing the Voice of Doubt: Overcoming Inner Resistance

    Embrace the climb despite the inner voice of doubt and resistance

    I was walking today, and I’m thinking, Okay, Saturday morning, we’re going to do something as a family and the kids got soccer and stuff in the afternoon, but I’m like, we’re going to get out. We’d do a serious hike in the mountains together. We’ll get up early and get it done by lunchtime so they can get the sport. But I’m thinking about it and this is voice and you’re, and maybe this is helpful too. You’re always going to hear this other voice that the other voice was like, ‘ah, you’re sore, you should be recovering. You don’t want to go on a hike. What if you trip on the trail?’

    It’s so obvious now, after all these years, you hear this voice, and it’s blah, blah, blah. Don’t do more; just stay where you are. It’s like, just whatever. I’ve said this before, like when we’re trying to do more. You’ll always have this voice telling you not to waste your time. It’s just telling you to ease up, be comfortable, and not to worry about it. And it’s all going to work out. You have to get very good at hearing that voice. Then you’ve got to get really good at ignoring that voice. Because by the time you go and do the thing, you really feel like doing it in the process leading up to it, but once you’ve done it, you’re like, That was really cool. I’m glad I did that.

    Conclusion: Embracing the Journey of Self-Discovery

    The law of more, there is more in you than you can ask, hope, or imagine. Your story is not finished. It hasn’t finished being written yet. There are so many cool things you can still contribute, experience. You just gotta get back in the game and pursue more.

    Alright, please make sure you subscribe to the podcast. Everything’s on the website:, you can book me to speak, conferences and other events, consultancy projects. It is all there on the website. And, of course, on Instagram, you can find me @jdoylespeaks.

    God bless you. My friends, this has been the Daily Podcast. You and I are going to talk again tomorrow.

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