Unleashing Your Potential: The Power of Choices

Jonathan Doyle International Motivational Speaker

Welcome to The Daily Message with Jonathan Doyle! In this episode, recorded on the go in Tasmania, Jonathan reflects on leadership, purpose, and the power of choices. Join him as he shares insights from his speaking tour and encourages listeners to embrace their potential and make meaningful decisions in their lives. Tune in for a brief yet impactful discussion that inspires action.

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    Welcome Aboard

    Hello there, my friend. Jonathan Doyle is with you. Welcome aboard to The Daily Message. I am still on the road here in the beautiful state of Tasmania. If you’re hearing this on a podcast, I’m doing it on video on YouTube as well. Again, if it sounds a bit like, if you’re listening to it going, this doesn’t sound like a podcast. It’s like he’s there, it’s because I’m doing a video, and we’re stripping out the audio just while I’m on the road.

    I’ve had a four-day speaking tour working with senior leaders, and it has been absolutely fantastic. I have a real heart for leadership because, through leaders, we really shape the future. I did a master’s degree in leadership, which is something I’m very passionate about.

    Housekeeping, please make sure you subscribe. If you use Instagram, come and check me out at @jdoylespeaks. So go to Instagram, just type in jdoylespeaks, and you’re going to find me there. Send me a DM, say hello, and follow my daily adventures around the world. Go and check out the website, jonathandoyle.co.

    Spiritual Perspectives on Purpose and Potential

    The force behind your creation desires your growth, flourishing, and the release of your incredible potential
    Your creator desires your growth, flourishing, and unleashing of incredible potential

    Listen, one of the things I’ve been sharing with the leaders each day is a spiritual lens around; I know that everybody who listens to or watches this particular channel will have very different spiritual views. Some of you will be open to it, some of you are less; it’s a real mix.

    I want to share with you an example that I use: I’ll have someone in the audience who has a child under, say, the age of 10, and I’ll say, We build it up, we have some fun with it, I ask them their child’s name, and then I say to them, Listen, have you ever said this to your child? Have you ever stood in front of your child and said, Look, mom or dad or whoever it is, I say, have you ever looked at your child and said, Can you do something for me? And the kid’s, yeah. ‘Could you spend the rest of your life being really average?’ Everyone has a laugh, and then we debrief it, and they go, ‘of course, I’ve never said that.’

    I say, Why haven’t you said that to your own child? They say they have all these reasons, and I want the best for them, and I want them to have a great life, and I keep pushing them, and eventually they realize that it’s because they love their own child, and they want the best for them.

    Then I just suggest to them that it is not possible for God, and again, some of you will frame this differently, the cosmos. Is it not possible that you’ve been created for a purpose and that whatever created you doesn’t want you to have a terrible life? Whatever created you wants you to grow, flourish, and unleash all this incredible potential that you have.

    Growth Through Adversity: Embracing Hardship for Personal Development

    Hardships facilitate our growth towards our phenomenal potential
    Hardships facilitate our growth towards our phenomenal potential

    Now, importantly, maybe what makes me different from a lot of other speakers in this area is that this could include suffering. This could include real hardship. What I’ve been teaching for so many years is that sometimes this hardship is going to also help you grow. I believe in really speaking about it the last few days; I’ve really just had this strong sense that we are not just human beings. We are “human becomings” and we have this phenomenal potential.

    If you’re listening to me now or watching this, you need to hear that. Wherever you are in your life, whether you’re absolutely dialing it in or whether you are absolutely struggling, you are a human becoming, and you have this incredible potential. If anything happened to you, the world would definitely be diminished by your absence. Please think about that. Think about all that you have left to do and all that you have left to contribute.

    I turned 50 last year, and everything for me now is speeding up. I don’t have that super long life left, so I’m going to try and just reach people, serve people, and try and care for people in all their imperfections, but I’m going to try. Because what I want is that when this life ends, I don’t want to look back and think I sat on the metaphorical couch of life. I want to look back and say I’m exhausted, but I definitely gave it everything I had.

    Maximizing Potential: The Significance of Individual Choices

    The choices you make are directly tied to the potential within you
    The choices you make are directly tied to the potential within you

    You, my friend, have this incredible potential. So God bless you and please understand that the way that you actualize, the way that you bring that potential into the world, is really through one thing, it’s through choices.

    The choices that you make, what you eat, what you say, what you attempt—your life is literally where you are right now. This is important because some people say where you are right now is the complete sum of your choices. It’s true, but it diminishes the role that environment, family, and other things may have had on you. But technically, even if those things have been difficult, you still have choices.

    What this does—I don’t want to go down too many rabbit holes here—is that it puts a huge responsibility on us as individuals for our own lives and the choices that you and I are going to make today. I’m going to get out of the hotel. What I eat, how I prepare myself, what I say, who I talk to, and the things that I say to people. When I’m going to drive back to Hobart and listen to what I listen to in the car, I might have time for silence. I might have time for listening to really specific things, but I’m not going to waste time.

    I’m going to make decisions and choices about how I use the next 7, 8, and 10 hours that I’m going to be on two plane flights back home. Then those plane flights, I’m reading an incredible biography of the U.S. S. Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant. It’s a thousand pages, but I’m learning so much through that because it’s a choice, and I choose what I read.

    I’m not telling you to copy me. I’m just saying, feel the weight of your choices because they’re very significant. And all this potential that’s in you is linked to those choices.


    Jonathan Doyle International Speaker shares his insights to a professional audience
    Jonathan Doyle International speaker, shares his insights to a professional audience

    God bless you. Please make sure you’re subscribed. Go check out the website: jonathandoyle.co. and Instagram: @jdoylespeaks.

    God bless you, my friend. Go get it. Get after it. See you tomorrow, or I’ll speak to you tomorrow if you’re listening to the podcast, but either way, my name is Jonathan Doyle. This is the Daily Message. You and I are going to talk again tomorrow.

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